Planning your dream wedding can be really exciting but also a bit overwhelming. There are so many trends out there, and it’s easy to feel pressured to follow them. But remember, your wedding is about you and your partner, so the details should reflect your style. You can get ideas from trends you like, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

When you’re starting to plan, it might feel confusing. The most important thing is to stick to what you really want for your big day. That’s what makes a wedding special. However, it’s okay to check out the latest wedding trends for some ideas. So, if you need inspiration for your wedding, let’s look at the top 2024 trends. Here’s what’s popular for 2024…

1. Tailored Experiences and Guest Focus

More and more couples are making their weddings extra special by adding their own unique touches. They’re all about personalisation, creating experiences that are one-of-a-kind for their guests. This goes just beyond the ceremony and saying “I do.” Couples are infusing their personalities into every aspect, from crafting personalised ceremonies to designing distinctive signature cocktails and menus. It’s all about the details—the little things that make the whole wedding day uniquely theirs.

You can incorporate this trend into your own wedding by adding thoughtful touches like special seating arrangements that bring people closer or having curated welcome bags that make guests feel truly appreciated. These details go a long way in elevating your wedding guest experience, making everyone feel appreciated and truly special to be a part of the wedding.

Another way to easily ensure your wedding is unique is to include music that is significant and meaningful to you, your partner and your guests. From the music you get ready to in the morning, your first dance, walking down the aisle, your wedding breakfast music and your evening celebrations –  there’s so many opportunities for you to create the atmosphere that suits your personalities and give a guest focus at the same time from start to finish.

2. Eco-Friendly Celebrations

As couples increasingly prioritise sustainability in their wedding planning, the trend of making conscious choices is here to stay. Beyond just incorporating recycled materials into stationery, many are opting for locally-sourced food, materials and wedding suppliers .

From using sustainable local wedding suppliers to finding a green wedding venue, having an eco friendly wedding will help you save money, give your guests food for thought and, most importantly, play your part in looking after our planet. The best part is, there’s no compromise on your style or taste!

Choose sustainable decorations, embrace reusable and environmentally friendly options and select local wedding suppliers, which helps to support businesses within your community and reduce your carbon footprint too!

It’s important to note that this is a trend that doesn’t need to overshadow your day – just doing a small number of these ideas and being more mindful of your choices makes a huge difference.

3. Vibrant and Striking Colour Palettes

Third on our list for 2024’s wedding trends is the rise in colourful weddings. Couples are choosing bright and bold colours like orange, pink, and green to make their weddings lively and memorable. There’s a rise in use of these vibrant colours not only across the outfits but also in decor, cakes and stationery too.

Instead of sticking to more muted wedding tones, couples are trying something different to make their wedding truly special. If this trend speaks to you, here’s your permission to be creative and bold with your colour choices. Anything goes!

Colours like magenta, wildflower-inspired shades, combinations of blue and yellow, sunset-like tones, and soft lilac hues will be everywhere.

4. Celebrant-Led Ceremonies

This is arguably the biggest trend of 2024 as celebrant-led ceremonies continue to be on the rise. Having a celebrant led wedding gives couples much more flexibility and personalisation so we can certainly see why!

Not only are you able to meet and build a relationship with your celebrant before the ceremony but you are also able to carve a truly meaningful celebration that’s totally unique, whether that’s using inclusive language, honouring family traditions, personalising the entire proceedings or celebrating cultural diversity to make sure every element is truly unique.

When you are looking for a wedding celebrant, look for someone who truly connects with your values and who you feel totally comfortable with. Schedule a meeting or an online Zoom call to see whether you connect with their personality and communication style.

A good celebrant should be an attentive listener, capable of tailoring the ceremony to reflect your personalities and preferences. Look for someone willing to personalise the ceremony, someone who can guide you on the legal aspects, and create a warm, inclusive atmosphere for your wedding day. It’s essential to find a celebrant who you not only like and resonate with on a personal level but is also committed to making your ceremony special, ensuring a memorable and meaningful wedding experience.

5. Extended Celebrations with Wedding Weekends

Couples are increasingly seeking not just a single wedding day but a complete wedding experience either across a weekend or a number of day, with special events planned for both before and after the main ceremony. The motivation behind this trend is understandable; with the actual wedding day passing by in a flash, couples are eager to savour and make the most out of the moments.

It’s especially beneficial to consider having celebrations over a number of days when friends and family have travelled significant distances to join the celebration. Extending the wedding celebration allows everyone to make the most of their time together, fostering a more relaxed atmosphere and immersive experience. While destination weddings typically offer this extended celebration by default, many couples now wish to capture the essence of a destination wedding without venturing abroad.

Look for wedding suppliers who can skilfully weave their skills and services into your extended schedule, ensuring each moment, from your pre-wedding gatherings to any post-ceremony celebrations, contributes to the unforgettable experience you are looking for.


While today’s blog has offered insights and ideas to inspire your planning journey, it’s essential to recognise that the most significant trend is what feels right and authentic to you as a couple. Let your wedding plans be determined by what feels personal and right to you both as a couple and you’ll have the most memorable day, one that’s truly perfect and yours!